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Respite Volunteers of Shiawassee

Wish List

Sponsor a Respite Volunteer Family $550

Annual membership

Need help cleaning out roof valleys and gutters

Help Cleaning our Office

Help with Yard Maintenance

Flash Drives 64GB or more

Postage stamps

Greeting Cards, especially Birthday, Thinking of you, blank & Sympathy Cards

Persons to apply for the Kroger Customer Rewards for Respite Volunteers

#10 Plain White Envelopes

Paper products

Book “Feeling Seen: Reconnecting in a Disconnected World” by Jody Carrington

Retail Gift Cards to Purchase Office Supplies, and Building Maintenance Supplies;

Gift Cards or Gift Certificates from:

Home Depot, Gilbert’s, Springrove, Meijer,

Lamphere’s Plumbing & Heating, & Harris Electric

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