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Volunteer Testimonies:

"I served on the Respite Volunteer Board for many years, and my family received help from Respite Volunteers which was greatly appreciated."

David Stechschulte Jr.


Hugh Parker and his granddaughters visited eleven (11) persons we serve. Emma and Ella visited them and gave our persons we serve Christmas gifts they put together. “Over the years I’ve found that the things I did for others often help me more. I told the girls that we might be able to visit again next year and they should let me know and I would ask. Ella said immediately that she was ready for next Christmas.”

Hugh Parker

"Respite is such an outstanding way to spend one's time!"

Judy Dantzer


"I have been serving on the Board of Respite Volunteers and have been serving clients for a number of years. Having been in a caregiving situation, I understand that caregivers need a break to take care of things outside of the homel It's very gratifying to arrive at my client's home to the smiles from her and her husband. She looks forward to my visit so we can walk, weather permitting, and then play cards. It is an extremely rewarding experience."

Mary Jane Scarlett


"Being a Respite Volunteer is a gift you give to yourself as well as to others. Sure it takes a commitment once a week or so, but that commitment is well worth it. Being a volunteer is a gift you give to your self:

1. A new friendship. You make a friendship with the caregiver and their loved one they care for.

2. Recreation time. You will find much pleasure with that client maybe playing cards, assembling puzzles, reading to them, or just talking and sharing memories and such.

3. The gift of satisfaction. You will be doing something to make others happy or rested. Giving relief to a caregiver who may be gone only three hours but which will seem like a whole day to them. 4. The gift of spiritual fulfillment as the Lord asks us to serve His children in need. Volunteering helps us mentally and physically. You work as a team member and you are trained in a short class that affords you to feel comfortable and informed in a client's home. The respite team works together to relieve the caregiver of their duties for a short time so they can maintain their mental and physical strength to care for their loved one."

Maureen Gilna


"Respite Volunteers provides a way for me to put my faith in action to help serve others in our community".

Mary Slingerland



"I've volunteered with Respite for 7 years, spending my time doing office work and fundraising. Hopefully, this will contribute to the success of Respite Volunteers. It's just my little way of passing it forward."

Helen Stump


"Ron and I both volunteer when we have the time. We have two ladies that we consider part of our family."

Ron and Kathy Raines


"I have 2 families that I help out with visits so the caregivers can have some time to get away and know their loved one will be ok. These visits have also been beneficial to me and make me feel that I can make a difference in their lives."

Marge Dery


"I've visited ladies in their home or convalescent facilities and doing this I've developed sincere friendships which they deeply appreciate."

Millie Mentus


"Since I have been with Respite Volunteers for more than 16 years, I have met many great families and have enjoyed new friendships. Respite is very flexible and it's so easy to become a volunteer. It really gives me a sense of love and giving. I am truly thankful for the chance to help people in need and become a part of their family. It's a rewarding feeling that melts my heart."

Sandy Zwolensky

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