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February 2024

Dear Families and Friends of Respite Volunteers of Shiawassee


Dear Families and Friends of Respite Volunteers,


There are multiple ways that you can help sustain our program, so that we may continue to serve

persons and caregiving families asking for our help. The following describes ways that you can help our program serve your family and other caregiving families. Can you arrange to display our info at your church, business, or employer?


In the future, please let us know if you would like to try Respite Volunteering, and we can set up a Volunteer Training at a mutually convenient time, and share this info with persons you know, please.


January and February are our first Have a Heart for Respite fundraiser. We have a donation from a volunteer in honor of her children’s birthdays and anniversaries. We are expecting a second donation from Heather Brooks in memory of her husband William Brooks.


The next in-person fundraiser is our Spring Purse Party Bingo on Tues. May 14th at the Owosso Knights of Columbus. Tickets will be on sale now and will be limited to 280 persons. This is a State Lottery-licensed event, so it is Adults only. Tickets are $20 in advance, and we are not likely to still have tickets available at the door.  But if available at the door, the cost would be $25.


Thank you to everyone who gave a Giving Tuesday donation, we appreciate this greatly. We receive Giving Tuesday donations through Dec., and as of 12/26 we are very close to receiving or promised a total of $6,400. We are very grateful for these donations so that we may continue to serve, especially in a year we also requested 30th Anniversary Sponsorships too. Thank you to everyone who participated in our 30th Anniversary Volunteer Celebration and Annual Meeting in Aug. at The Z Hall. Thank you to our $1000 Sponsorships promised: Diz & Muriel Clark Family, in memory of Diz & Muriel Clark, Nelson House Funeral Home, Horizon Bank, Jackie Hurd, STIFEL-Schluckebier-Hood Wealth Management Group, CLH Insurance, Hemenway Business Service/H & R Block. $500 Sponsor: Slingerland Auto Group, D & D Truck and Trailer Parts-Stechschulte family. $300 Anniversary Fans: Mancino’s Pizza & Grinders, Cody Chapman, Realtor-Home Field Real Estate, Midwest Bus Corporation, Rathbun Public Relations, $100 Sponsor Rebecca Napier.


We apologize for inadvertently leaving off the donation from the Diz & Muriel Clark Family in memory of Diz & Muriel Clark for our 30th Anniversary in our December letter. We are grateful for the loyal support the Clark family has provided to Respite Volunteers ever since Diz was a Church Liaison in our early years. The Clark family was the first three-generation family that volunteered with Respite Volunteers.


In-kind donations, such as Postage Stamps: We are very grateful to Marcia Bird who recently donated a large supply of unique stamps and stationery in memory of her mother Doris Coy, and her aunt and godmother Barbara Hullinger. Marcia’s granddaughter helped pick these out. Maybe there is a way you could honor a loved one, a dear friend, or a Respite Volunteer, and help Respite Volunteers at the same time.


Another unique gift was from Michelle Howe-Geitzen-a gift certificate for Harris Electric for electrical work to be done in the future here at our office. Thank you, Michelle!


Donations can be made to our program at any time, and we hope that persons and families receiving our services, please consider giving back in some way in the future. Since we have been providing services for 31 years now, we are often pleasantly surprised that a young person, young family, new volunteer, or business owner has decided to help by either volunteering with Respite Volunteers, or donating already had a connection to our program, which might be a grandmother was our volunteer, or their family was blessed with a wonderful Respite Volunteer at a critical point in caring for a loved one. Please give our office a call if you would like to learn about all the different volunteer opportunities we can provide.


This winter we are asking for help clearing our walkways, deck, and the handicapped accessible parking space when there is snow, salting, or putting out sand in those areas if needed. Come spring, we will need help watering our newly expanded perennial flowerbed near our main entrance. It is a pollinator garden, so we ask people to talk with us before weeding please. We always need help clearing the roof valleys, gutters, and downspouts in warm weather. We thank Heather Brooks for her donation of many perennials, and for DayStarr Communications for helping at the Respite Vol office for their DayStarr Give Back Day. Also, Owosso Horizon Bank Advisors came to our office for their first annual Horizon Cares Day on Giving Tuesday, and Kathleen Haak of Shiawassee RESD.


The Kroger Community Rewards program continues, and this needs to be done online. Call our office, if you would like more info.


If you are not yet receiving our newsletter and would like to, please give our office a call. Thank you so much for helping our program continue to serve others.



 Helen Howard RN, Executive Director                                                          

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