Donate by Facebook on November 30th at promptly 8:00 am EST when Facebook will match up to $8 million dollars. The match is world wide and goes fast.  If you are not able to donate on the 30th, you can donate towards Giving Tuesday anytime, starting in November. THANK YOU!

You can also donate by check. Questions, call 989-725-1127

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Your generous support will help fund:

♥ Volunteer Recruitment, Training, Placement

   and Supervision

♥ Home Visits to match volunteer with families

♥ Managing Volunteers

♥ In Home Assessments for Person’s Family               Caregivers and Home Safety

♥ Caregiver Support and Education

♥ Promotion of Respite Volunteers services

♥ Case Management and Reassessment

♥ Volunteer Continuing Education

♥ Helping Persons to remain in their home