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From the Desk of Helen

January 2023

Dear Families and Friends of Respite Volunteers,

Our next in person fundraiser will be our Purse Party Bingo on Tues. May 2nd at Knights of Columbus in Owosso. Tickets are $20 for the 20 games. For each Bingo game, a specific Purse of a retail value of at least $45 is the prize. We expect the tickets to be available in Jan. Persons may bring their own food, as food will not be provided by volunteers, as it has in the past.

We thank everyone for all the Giving Tuesday-Raise Up Shiawassee donations. Respite Volunteers received close to $7000 in donations to provide funding for ongoing services to adults with health challenges and the family members caring for them, and case management services by our staff too.

There are multiple ways that you can help sustain our program, so that we may continue to serve

persons and caregiving families asking for our help. The following describes ways that you can help our program serve your family and other caregiving families.

We are very grateful to Michele Howe-Geitzen who committed to purchasing Love Stamps all year long in 2022, for Respite Volunteers of Shiawassee mailings, in memory of her dear friend Margaret Beehman! This was an incredible gift to our program. Maybe there is a way you could honor a loved one, a dear friend, a Respite Volunteer, and help Respite Volunteers too at the same time.

Donations can be made to our program at any time, and we hope that persons and families receiving our services, please consider giving back in some way in the future. This year our nonprofit reaches our 30th year in providing services here. Because of that, we are often pleasantly surprised that a young person, young family, new volunteer, or business owner has decided to help by either volunteering with Respite Volunteers, or donating already had a connection to our program, which might be a grandmother was our volunteer, or their family was blessed with a wonderful Respite Volunteer at a critical point in caring for a loved one. Please give our office a call if you would like to learn about all the different volunteer opportunities we can provide.

We are asking for help shoveling our handicapped accessible parking spot, walkway, ramp, deck, and sidewalk yet this winter. Come spring we may again need help watering our new perennial flowerbed near our main entrance, sweeping our walkways & handicapped accessible parking space. We always need help with yard cleanup too. In the spring we will again be accepting donations of plants, especially perennials. We always need help clearing the roof valleys, gutters and downspouts in warm weather too.

Please continue collecting your Spartan Stores receipts (VG’s Grocery store receipts). Some Spartan stores offer to donate $1,000 to nonprofits, once the receipts total $150,000. We actually met this goal the end of 2022, and are able to start collecting the VG’s receipt points again, & we are already past the 10,000 received. Also, Wednesdays are % off day for seniors. At Owosso VG’s Grocery store, they ask anyone wanting the % off to go through an actual lane, not the self-check-out lane.

Please consider participating in the Kroger Community Rewards program to donate a portion of your total purchase to Respite Volunteers. Please register online at You will need to enter our Kroger non-profit number: 82422. You may call the number on the back of your Kroger card, and ask for your donations to be designated to Respite Volunteers.

Our Comfort Cookbooks are on sale for $10.00, and are perfect for college students, Wedding Showers, and special birthday and anniversary gifts.

If you are member of Respite Volunteers of Shiawassee, our Volunteer Celebration & Annual Meeting is planned for Tues. Aug. 29th at The Z Hall. Look for more info in our Spring Respite Volunteer Newsletter. If you are not yet receiving that newsletter, and would like to, please give our office a call.

Thank you so much for helping our program continue to serve others.

Helen Howard RN, Executive Director

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